Eagle snatches a kid off the ground

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If you're going to fake it, then why just a kid?
I want to see footage af an eagle snatching Chris Christie and flying away!:D

Because not even those gullible enough to believe the "Flapping Wings" video would believe an eagle big enough to grab Christie.

Look how many people believed this. I'll bet there are a lot of people who still believe it's real, even after the makers adnitted the fakery.
That's the whole point of a good hoax. Making people believe it's real.
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There is no CGI, the noise matches from line to line.
However...it could be a baited dummy, eagle grasps the dummy, camera points to ground, continues the runup off subject, until arriving at the subject.
I agree with Quade; fishy.
Kid's body reactions seem 'off' for the impact and drop.

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