duck tape and a pillow???

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In certain parts of the world, people do tandems with duct tape, and some would even build their own airfoil from the same material, which also decreases the weight of heavy metal three rings and risers. They also have their drogue deployed by sticking a small piece of ductape to the bottom of the aircraft as they board. It has been noted that one should take care when doing the ductape tandem, since there has been a few reported cases of people being stuck to clouds, and drifted into deadmans land.

As a personal tip, start by taping your sanity to your head, works for me.
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I've seen that green tape as well, IIRC a friend brought it along for some "tape-fix job" and he got it from the Bundeswehr. Seems army folks need really sturdy/strong tape B|

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Tensile Strength of Duct Tape - ~70 lbs.

Tensile Strength of the harness - ~4,000 lbs

As to your bum... what Taylor said.

Wait.....so what's the tensile strength of her bum? I think THAT is the important issue here.
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