Geraldo Flores goes to Disneyland?

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LOL he goes from wide awake to unconscious instantaniously. :D

In a way it's a mockery with no offense intended. It really left me feeling good, funny couple, nice but it highlighted for me how quickly a person with an underlying medical condition may be adversely effected by unexpected g-forces although perhaps anyone could also experience this unexpectedly so I also see the benefit of using an AAD.

Interesting that he spoke of not feeling his legs prior to losing conscious and tried to fight it but then lost it.

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Too funny. Great video, but not fair to compare this guy to Flores.
Yeah, he blacks out but, when it's all over, he sacks up and is ready to go again :)Way to go dude!

Thanks for a great start to the weekend!

Canopies must all be female. If I treat mine good, she gives me a good ride. If I slap her in the bag, she will dump me like a turd.

Courtesy of PRE7117, love that line.

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