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If it can't kill ya, it ain't a sport.

+1 :D

Then there's the old "extreme" sport thing - it can't be an "extreme" sport unless it involves risk of a fall from height.

For "ultimate" it must involve fire. It's why I never got ultimate Frisbee. Where's the freaking fire?

I guess it beats the hell out of regular frisbee?

What about Ultimate Extreme Frisbee? Jump out of a burning airplane OR with your helmet on fire, and throw a frisbee as far as you can.

Lol. I have to agree with FlyingRhinocerous or whatever his name was about competing against someone for a parachute. That would be epic, but I bet it'd be impossible to get that rig on unless you were a BAMF at freeflying. And the other guy. Fuck... Maybe in flight tug-o-war, instead? That'd be sweet.

Anyways, my personal opinion on sports goes like this.

It's already been stated, but I personally think a sport should be contact involved (boxing, mma, football, rugby, basketball, roller derby, etc...)

Then there's EXTREME sports, where you could possibly/many people do actually die, but you're competing against someone else's time/distance/score (skiing/snowboarding, free climbing, base jumping, skydiving, bull fighting/riding, motorcycle racing, etc...)

Then there's competitive hobbies where your chances of getting hurt are slim and dying are pretty much null. Not to mention physical fitness is usually not an aspect, but I'm ignorant to these, like most are to skydiving.

(Marksmanship, darts, figure skating, golf, chess, pool, etc..)

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By the way the definition of a sport is If you can do it with a sandwich in your hand it ain't a sport.

I can play soccer with a sandwich in my hand.


You only need one ball to play soccer; skydiving takes both

Wait - there are no female skydivers?
"The ground does not care who you are. It will always be tougher than the human behind the controls."

~ CanuckInUSA

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do you have any idea how many whuffo guys tell me that I "have bigger balls than they do" once they find out I jump? >:( Last time I checked, no balls...

I like the Spanish slang, 'huevos'. Means eggs. That covers both genders nicely, I think.
Why drive myself crazy trying to be normal, when I am already at crazy?

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And those people that climb cliffs with and w/o ropes and stuff like that have bigger heuvos than I do. Jumping from a plane is pretty normal behavior for me.

I don't mind sharing my adventures with other people, but I let them ask me about it these days. And I don't make fun of what they don't know. I see it as an opportunity to help them learn a few new things. ;):)

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