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Dickjitsu - the art of being a bigger asshole than opposing counsel and out-maneuvering him/her in court.

Ask Lawrocket about that one. :ph34r:

Billy - it's not limited to my trial practice. I'm a nice guy and professional. But when someone is a dick to me I can take that dickishness and reverse it on them. Like jujitsu - take the opponent's energy and use it against him. I don't oppose the dickishness - I just use that dickishness to make it backfire.

Like on Thursday - rather than object to opposing counsel's inappropriate questions and documents, I let them in and allowed the opposing counsel to "open the door" to questions that I otherwise wouldn't be allowed to ask. So then I asked totally inappropriate questions that were made appropriate. Here's a bit of the "conversation" between the judge, opposing counsel and me.
Opp counsel: "He asked Dr. X questions about the standard of care contrary to our agreement and the motion in limine and in excess of his designation."
Me: "My direct examination did nothing of the sort. Solely causation and damages. That was all. It wasn't until opposing counsel asked questions about the standard of care that the door was open."
Judge: " Why didn't you object to those documents? It was total hearsay."
Me: "Because I knew what was in them, and I appreciate Mr. Opponent for offering them and opening the door."
Judge: "Mr. Opp counsel, you did open the door. You violated your own motion in limines - two of them. And lawrocket is right - he didn't elicit a word on direct. You are objecting now because it backfired on you."

It resulted in a mistrial motion from opposing counsel that was denied. That's what I mean by dickjitsu - use opposing dickishness to my advantage.

My wife is hotter than your wife.

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That one comes from listening to my two young nephews conversation yesterday. I couldn't figure out what they were talking about.When in doubt ask.
chinders=cinders,what they put in the grill (charcoal)
they come up with the strangest words
No matter how slowly you say oranges it never sounds like gullible.
Believe me I tried.

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