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One thing you guys should know about this list.

It only shows mal names and responses.

What it doesn't show or tell is what the mal looks like.

What I do with the youngsters is give them the list and we discuss how to handle things AND I teach them what these things look like.
-I have pics
-I have video
-I have verbal descriptions

After I teach them I have them give it back to me in this order:
-Tell what the name of the mal is.
-Describe in your own words what it looks like when you see it.
-Tell how to handle it.
-I have them demonstrate EPs.

When they think they are ready for the two A-license sign-offs, they are required to get 80% on the first one with some minor coaching and 100% on the second with no coaching.

I don't think that is unreasonable...I don't agree with those instructors who simply tell them and sign-off all in the same session. Hell, in that case you could sign-off both during the FJC...not good.
My reality and yours are quite different.
I think we're all Bozos on this bus.
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