How do i get my container from the Good ole US of A?

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depends on the destination and its customs laws.
the best thing would be to ship it somewhere withing the US and have someone bring it to.
from there its simply luck while passing through customs...

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If you import it via UPS or any other shipping service, you have to pay duty and taxes based on the declared value. Dont ask dealers or whoever is shipping it to lie about the declared value when as this is asking them to break laws. If you go to the US to bring it over yourself, then its you who is breaking the laws if you dont declare it.

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There are always plenty of people off to the US on jumping holidays. Ask around at the dz or put a post on uk.rec.skydiving, it's not normally too difficult to bribe someone in to helping you out.


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i just had a brand new wings rig and main and reserve sent over for me but it went from the states to new zealand and then to united kingdom, where i am now. So this is what you need to do.
i only paid 7 pounds VAT on it and it is all new.
So, go through DHL, but before it gets sent over you have written on the paper work the value of a replacment of course. Also to avoid all taxes you tell someone on the other end to write in the paper work that it has just had like 50us dollars work on it or something from a rigger, nother words you have a new rig arrive but on the paper work you want it to say that it is being returned to you after maintenance being done..I.E. reserve re pack or new lines or something like this.
They will probably stop it at customs like they did to me and phone me up and the first thing they said is we have a package for you, i said 'brilliant my parachute' they said yes, And straight away asked if it is new.
i said to them 'oh no i just had it sent away for the 6 months maintenance check and repair work done. They said to me ' thats fine you will just have to download a form saying that you do not have to pay vat on it. I said well what would the VAT be and they said well it says here that it has had 100nzdollars work done on it and then calculated the tax to be 7 or 8 quid. I said well forget about the form i will pay that tax and send the rig out today, i got it the next day and am due to get the bill soon.
If you say it is new i think you pay around 16% VAT.
make sure you have the cost of replacment on the rig though.
Dude i just got my fully loaded new rig courieired to me and it ony cost me about 7 quid.
No problems.

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