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are fun. as long as you have plenty of altitude, doesnt anyone else enjoy bowtying the shit out of their canopy with brakes, risers, quickly, slowly, etc?

the general concensus seems to be scared and petrified of stalling their sky canopy.

then again i still havent stalled and let up too quick only to fall into my canopy or induce violent line twists. i guess i have something to work towards now!!!
gravity brings me down.........

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Stability costs you performance, performance costs you stability.

Some of today's high performance, highly loaded canopies can be sent into un-recoverable spins doing this. The old F-111 7 cells I would abuse in deep brakes like a rented mule. My Stiletto I stall with caution up high and recover gingerly.

Be careful. I've lost a friend or two from this. [:/]

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