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Was feeling a little bummed over some frustrations of late until I went to visit my work colleague at the hospital yesterday... It seems like he is days away from losing his battle against cancer, and only 2 months ago he just thought he was tired and due for a vacation...

Sure puts things into perspective.
"There is no problem so bad you can't make it worse."
- Chris Hadfield
« Sors le martinet et flagelle toi indigne contrôleuse de gestion. »
- my boss

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Cancer is nasty. I'll take a heart attack any day over having to battle cancer. :S

While cancer often really sucks it depends.

My butt hurt from the 40mm operating proctoscope they used to cleanup my stage 1 rectal cancer and I missed a few days of work, although that was far better than a heart attack.

Being aware of your family's medical history and following accepted screening protocols makes getting treatment like that when you still have "Cancer Lite" a lot more likely.

They found mine early due to a false positive occult blood test from the biggest red meat binge of my life the day before my regular checkup, but I don't recommend other people rely on luck like that.

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Holy shit, most folks that get 40mm up the ass delivered via an M79 or a Bofors and never live to say, "butt hurt".
It's called the Hillbilly Hop N Pop dude.
If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough.
That's fucked up. Watermelons do not grow on trees! ~Skymama

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