Prenuptial Agreements - good idea?

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Hi Bolas,


I'd be happy if just out of court settlements became illegal.

A 'settlement' can ONLY occur if ALL parties agree to it.

Why do you care what other people do?

That is a serious question,

Jerry Baumchen

Because most settlements aren't the choice of the parties involved, but their insurance company or legal insurance. Those decisions are made to minimize said insurance companies risk, not to fight for what's right.

Just look back to USPA vs. Skyride. USPA was forced to settle by their legal insurance. Would they have lost? We'll never know now. [:/]
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I have 2 daughters 27, 29 not married yet though engaged. I am keeping quiet until / unless they or their boyfriends ask me about it. I would tell them to get a prenup without fail. If I had a son I would tell him to NEVER marry without one and I would verbally fight him about that. I have studied this a lot, a whole lot, and I am divorced. The courts will hammer the man nearly every time. The man will be totally devastated and destroyed. He may commit suicide. It happens all the time. The information on this is out there, it is everywhere. There is little doubt in my mind that Robin Williams suicide was related to 2 bad divorces and a possible 3rd one coming soon. Yes I know he was ill as well.

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The only thing a pre nup does is set the inevitable divorce in motion.
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