Official 2014-2015 NHL thread!

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I am not a Ducks fan. I am still cheering on the Habs. But I am beginning to wonder if anyone will be able to take down those quackers. Time will tell of course ... Ducks and Caps need 11 wins to sip from Lord Stanley while everyone else needs 12. It is a long road ahead for all those still in the hunt.

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Well my fellow puckers. It's time!

A few questions to start the season....
After SO much hockey in three years (including a few Olympians), will the LA Kings be burned out come playoff time? Burned down.

Will Barry Trotz get the Caps dialed in? Almost!

Will the Pens flourish or flounder under the new regime? Injuries.

Will the Canucks have a better season with Ryan Miller in goal and get to the playoffs? Yup!

Will Colorado thrive without Statsny? Nope!

Will the Blues have more firepower with him and go deep in the playoffs? Nope!

Will the Hawks get to the finals after doing a slow simmer about the conference final loss?

Will the Rangers make a run, or will Montreal or Tampa Bay fight it out in the East with the Pens? Yup!

Finals prediction...LA Kings vs Pittsburgh Penguins! Hmmmm....oops!

Good luck everyone!!!

A little something to get you in the mood...

So who do you guys like for the Cup?

I want the Rangers to win. Lundqvist needs a Cup before he retires.

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I've got Tampa Bay vs Hawks. Rangers are much better than last year but not enough.

I'm really excited about this Ducks/Hawks finals. Both teams are jn beast mode. Ducks are 8-1 in the playoffs. Hawks are 8-2 and coming off a sweep. If I was a gambling man I wouldn't touch this series. I could see it going I to 2OT in game seven. I can see the Ducks sweeping I can see the Hawks sweeping. Roszival out for the Hawks hurts but I have to give the edge to them because it's also a battle between Quenneville and Boudreau. One has demonstrated success. The other one is the Schottenheimer of the NHL.

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I want the Rangers to win.

Agreed. They're the least-objectionable (to me) team left. :)
Also want Babcock to stay in Motown.


As much as I like seeing Babcock as coach, I think I'd like to see the Griffin's coach moved into Babcock's position. What he has done for the Griffins, makes me wonder what he could do for the Wings. With Babcock testing the waters, I think that's what it's all about with him... the money.


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