Road raging English driver makes his own instant karma

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Agreed, the driver should have kept his cool, not responded and let the cyclist make a charge. Then the Cyclist is open for "malicious prosecution" lawsuit - it is pretty clear the cyclist was provoking the confrontation.

Except the driver is a massive cunt, who made it pretty clear that he deliberately drove fast and close by the cyclist in the first place. Not the kind of person who's likely to stay cool. The cyclist should learn to be a lot less confrontational though, if he wants these videos to have a positive effect.

As for 'malicious prosecution' well, LOL. Where did you get that from? London police encourage cyclists to send in videos of potentially dangerous or illegal driving and decide themselves whether to follow up on it.
Do you want to have an ideagasm?

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Love the face-plant tho'

Me too. I burst out laughing at that point - couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. It's the forward roll that really makes it.

The name of the road is visible in the video - Zinzan Street, in Reading. Google that and you get 'Zinzan Street Brothels', a BBC article about Britain's grimiest areas, and 'Zinzan Street fight leaves man with fractured skull'.

Sounds delightful. :)

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