Fuck You, grammar nazis .

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************It is ouncemar to you.

You will be allowed to use grammar once you convert to metric system.

Just how many grams are in grammar?

Much more than many more.

Time to up the auntie:

This tread is hilarious - I am literally pooping my pants!
Seriously dough, I hate to break it to you guys, butt I doubt weather you lot will ever get you're act together.

I popped mine two;

Shirley ewe can see, toe, we already has all are act together.

It's not braking noose regaurdless, just relax and see the write of it, rite?

A aye four a aye...
"That formation-stuff in freefall is just fun and games but with an open parachute it's starting to sound like, you know, an extreme sport."

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