Evolution of the changing meaning of words

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I would say "Interstate 5" or "I-5" or "the Interstate" but not "the 5 Interstate".

Also - "Highway 39" but not "the 39 Highway". It is also called "the Paul Buchman Highway".

OTOH - "the 408 Expressway" (or simply "the 408") but not "Expressway 408". (also called "the East-West Expressway")

So here are the rules -

"The" is used when referring to the type of road (e.g. - highway, expressway, freeway, turnpike) and when the type is preceded by the name or number of the road (except in cases where the number never precedes the type, as in "Highway 41" or "Interstate 75").

The road is referred to without the "the" in cases where the type of roadway precedes the name or number, but you would never say "Expressway 408" or "Freeway 134".

Be aware that these "rules" are based on my casual observations and have no other basis.

Also, be aware that I never questioned my casual observation that all old, gray-haired people always and without exception spoke only Italian. I was around 5 or 6 years old before I realized that my hypothesis was flawed and I then had to formulate a new theory to incorporate newly observed data.

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...And "Jury Rigged" (sailing term) has degenerated to "Jerry Rigged" by those who don't know of the correct origin.

,,, And America's Got Talent". Absolute misuse of the word 'got! It should be "America Has Talent". Got is the most misused word of all. I mean, crimenentlies!

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***....."the beeline" (now called "the beachline"....

Never did like that change. Besides sounding silly, only one end is anywhere near a beach.:P:D

I agree :)
You can't be drunk all day if you don't start early!

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