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Hey all!

I just got a Rage 130 from Flight Concepts as a Demo.

This is a truly awesome Canopy!

I normally Jump a Sabre 135 or Stiletto 135. I would compare the rage to a Stiletto with a bit more horsepower. It may be like a Katana but I haven't jumped one to know. I have made several jumps on it and love its opennings and flight.

Just thought any one looking, to down size into a high performance canopy or change high perfomance canopies, would want to know about this awesome ride!

Call Red at Flight Concepts,he has a few Stock models and Demo's around to test and sell.
An Instructors first concern is student safety.
So, start being safe, first!!!

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I did two jumps on a Rage 185 a while back (loaded about 1.2:1) and I put it down and backed slowly away. It was just too much for me at 220 or so jumps, and would continue to be too much for me for a long time. :)
Opened a hell of a lot smoother than the Sabre-1 190 I was also jumping that weekend!

And it wanted to glide forever. :o


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