Malware on dz.com ?

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Haven't seen anything like that here, I use Chrome but also have Adblock Plus installed. Looks like something being hosted by Amazon's cloud service was reported as being malicious. Could be almost anything(and sometimes is nothing at all, or something has already been fixed), I know I have seen several cases of both malicious ads(even on the big name legit ad networks) and even forums being hacked not so much because the forum software was vulnerable but someone had managed to hack into the back end of the web hosting provider and added stuff to multiple forums there.
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Reading this article on the topic may help


I took a look and it seems to mostly include client/user side removal advice. Suggesting it's not hosted on our server.

We do use Amazon ads, being a highly reputable site - we don't anticipate any issues from the ads they serve. However, even after reading through those articles I am unable to say whether it's something that is client side, installed on your device - or something that came through an Amazon ad.

However, we have ads enabled here in the office - and we haven't encountered that error, nor had any other reports of it.

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