train selfies!

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I have to hand it to human beings. Sometimes they think up the most interesting and crazy stuff.

I have been hearing on my local radio station about (usually young) people taking selfies where they are standing on a railroad track and the train is approaching.

Brilliant! (Except for the safety stuff.) Some of them wait a bit too long to move. Maybe the field of view causes the train to seem further away than it really is.

So here is my safety idea. Have a friend with you that is facing the train and not looking through a lens, and when they get scared, have them pull you out of the way.

Just a public service announcement you can pass on to your kids. :)

You may be wondering if I am being serious in this post. Well, I don't know either, but a train selfie seems important to comment on.

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That crap happens a LOT.


I had a close call myself once, which stunned me. You would think that you could hear them coming a ways off. But I was standing on the tracks taking notes while overlooking an adjacent construction site, and the next thing I know, a train was coming at me about 50-yards away (slowly, thank god), and I never heard it coming. Somehow they can be amazingly silent at times.

There's an ugly video on LiveLeak.com of a guy in India who tried to kick a train, got spun off balance, and the train ran over his leg amputating it.

Don't kick trains!

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