a brief tale of costing an MRI

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America is allowing their insurance companies and health care providers to operate in a non competitive way and to to just plain rip them off.

bingo. Canadians have taxes and govts that do not want to spend money on healthcare, or at least struggle with the costs.

USA has insurance companies that do not want to spend money on healthcare either, and the system is rigged so that they never lose. And they can vacate the market if they like, whereas the govt cannot.

Bottom line is the outcomes are better in every civilized socialist system in the world than in the USA... and that absolutely 100% solidly should be the goal....delivery and outcomes of healthcare. The US system is about the delivery of profits. faulty from the very get-go and very definition.

Remove the insurance companies from the picture altogether, start delivering healthcare.

I would suggest it would help exponentially if the for-profit hospital model and malpractice/product-liabilty lawyers could be removed from the mix.

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absolutely, the torte reform has to be part of it, but given that the vast majority of lawsuits in the USA are over medical stuff, and the vast majority of medical lawsuits are trying to find a reason to not pay, offering healthcare to everyone removes some of the need to seek remuneration because people cannot afford to pay the bills.

Why would I sue over a car accident if I just went to the hospital and got fixed up? Get slapped with $250K in medical bills because the other driver was not insured means I have to find someone to blame to get out from under that crushing debt.

A lot of the savings of a single payer system have nothing to do with healthcare. Lawyers, courts, taxpayers paying for the costs associated with lengthy investigations. ultimately all these costs end up on the average consumer.

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