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Hi there,
I'm just new and old for this sport, started my aff two weeks ago in age of 44 as my childhood dream is to fly like birds, hope things will go as planned but so far i keep turning left. Instructor said my issue that i'm not relaxed enough ;)

In my 6th jump I had a hard opening were a rib muscle ruptured and required 3 weeks of break.

I see that I can learn a lot from your experience.
Have fun,,,,

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Welcome to the sport. Be sure to kick your packer for that hard opening;).

You will relax the more you jump...it comes naturally after a while. Do you have time to hit the tunnel? That can help out with your body position a lot too, it helped to stop the in I had.

Relaxing is tough when you're screaming towards the earth, but I try to, after arching, act like a dishrag flopping around and not fighting the wing.

Hope you heal up fast. :)Blue Skies.

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I started at 42. There's still time to get a lot of jumps in.

About 80% of skydiving is learning how to relax. Same thing with driving. I still remember what the first time behind the wheel was like -- my eyes didn't know where to go to gather information I was looking for, I was moving a couple tons of steel faster than I'd ever gone before and I didn't know how anything worked. Once I got familiar with the environment and started to relax, my driving got much better. My first few skydives very much reminded me of that.

Tunnel time helps a lot, if you have one near you.
I'm trying to teach myself how to set things on fire with my mind. Hey... is it hot in here?

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