longest AFF student ever.

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I have been reading this forum a long while a I thought lets say hello and share my story.
To make a long story less long, it comes down to this:

In 2003 I tried a one jump AFF course. For some reason I thought that a tandem jump wasn't the real deal so I did one jump AFF. All of the ground school for just one jump.
Which wasnt a great succes. During freefall all went straight past me and under my parachute I was already very sick. Throwing up all over myself while decending into a corn field. Not able to put to practice any of my training.
I concluded that skydiving was not for me.

But still it always remainend in my head. So in 2007 I had some money to spare and did a three jump AFF course. Those 3 jumps went al lot better and best thing: I did not get sick anymore.
But I had no more money so I had to wait until 2008.

Went to another dropzone and they said I could start at Level 3. This went well so up to level 4.
This jump really went bad. I lost control and just tumbled to the ground, not being able to recover stability. The jumpmaster chased after me and openend my parachute. Since at time of opening I wasn't stable it resulted in a really hard opening. Tearing some kind of tissue which is normally in the bowl of your shoulder.

Took 3 years with shoulder complaint before finally I had surgery and my shoulder was recovered. After a year of recovery my shoulder was back in business.

So in 2012 I once again started AFF. Did reasonably well but one jumpmaster, which for some reason didnt like me very much, decided skydiving was not for me. This was after level 5 didnt go well.

Eventually in 2013 I once again started at another jumpschool which would still give me a chance. I only had to do one jump over and passed AFF. Exactly 10 years after my first AFF jump.

This year my goal is to get my A licencse

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