Just finished AFF!

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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say hello. I'm excited about entering the sport!
I just finished AFF last week down in Deland, FL and on my graduation jump I even got a line over and had my first cut-away. I was the talk of the DZ all day :)

Cheers, and I'll see you in the skies!


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Yeah I saved myself, but really I give the credit to Trevor for being a really good instructor ;) When he first went over emergency procedures and we put on those silly vests, he literally grabbed me from behind and started throwing me around in circles... basically exactly what happened to me in the sky, so I was well prepared.

You bet I bought beer! Heh, the guys wouldn't even let me buy it the next day... got them two cases just to be sure!

I'm based in Massachusetts right now, but I'm thinking of moving to Orlando, so I should be down there quite a bit in the coming months. Hopefully we can take a few jumps together!

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Thank God you are safe Sam, I have finished my AFF on the 6th of December, and on my graduation jump, I had a line-over just like you did, glad to hear that you handled it well.

Blue skies
Dreaming for 6 years of skydiving, and after getting my AFF, I regretted waiting for so long!
To everyone over there, stop dreaming and start doing.
Blue Skies!!!

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