old dropzone brat from past

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Curriers road it IS..:)I STILL swing in , that way If I'm driving south and through to Arcade and points south...Lots of Fun times and great memories.

So then, are You Franks son????? :)
did you get to make any skydives, back then?? it seems to me that both places, finished up as being dropzones,
by the end of the 70's...:([:/]

I DO have ONE question.....

WHY did my French Papillon MALFUNCTION ?? on that day when there was a 4 way RW meet???:o:SB|hahaha

It was at Gift of Wings...
My jump # 576. my first cutaway,,,shot & a halves... 26' navy conical reserve,, out of a chest mounted mini-system container,, (center pull) !!!!
Stood it UP on the farm south of the DZ... where there Used to be two Tall silos.....B|
they might still BE there !!
A few years later had my first ( and ONLY ) cutaway on 3 rings,, AT Wyoming County.....during an accuracy meet... !!!
Ed is still VERY active as is his Father, in the sport.. Eddie still shares his wisdom and great personality as primary AFFI
At Frontier. he has introduced many of our current members to the sport,,,,, and it's Always a pleasure to see Him, his Dad, His Mom , his wife..... and His sons....

still happy to say that I stay in touch with Lots of jumpers who logged jumps There... as well as with a lot of jumpers from those days, who No longer skydive...[:/]
Does you Family still own the airport, popeye?? is there still very much activity there????
thanks for the smile and the trip down memory lane..
scr scs nscr...:)

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your right im franks son peter rember me lol well at least im not forgoten the dz been closed for years but the memories is pricless for everybody that went thought their. the best times a kid could have by the way do you rember a pilot bill mcDougle? let me know please it important ill tell why leter thanks peter siclari dz brat lol

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Re: Bill

sure I DO remember him... The group around here was WELL established and even could be considered "cutting edge" ...around the time I Began. ( '72 )
Akron was a DZ , and lots of the guys were starting to use Ram Airs...

Bill flew jumpers. I remember him,,, but it's likely he wouldn't remember me..;)
I am from the Rochester area and we had a Dz south of the city, there were, at that time, 6 different cessna DZs all within an hour and a half of where i lived...
I enjoyed visiting each of them..always attended the various circuit meets., accuracy, RW. Sometimes we'd have 3 or 4 cessnas on site, and one year we did 12 ways... I also remember the Kuhns, and others from that era. Henry Ski is still active in the sport. I recall when he and i did CReW dives out there, @ Gift of Wings. He with his 5 cell foil and me pinning him,,, with my Strato-Cloud.. we could make Bi-planes... like nobodies business...;) spiraled one, once, right over the top of the DZ...
here are a couple of pics... one from 1975 and one from last summer.
My wife is standing in the center, i'm on the right. Can you name the person on the left?? :)thanks for your replies. You can message me here,,,, anytime
jimmy :)

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yep thats paul gath those were some old pics i forgot how close the corn field was to the peez when we put it in . the other day i was talking to bills daughter meet by accident on here i was telling her about her dad she never meet him.remember he past in a car accident by the dz.she wondering if had any pics of him i dont but im finding some though other people .do you have any of bill ?thanks

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Hi Pete,
Good to hear from you. I used to fly the Cessna 180 N2213C for your Dad at Gift of Wings. Made a few jumps there too. It was a beautiful DZ.
Rode my motorcycle past it several years ago and when I saw it was for sale Lynn let me take a look around. Driveway was impassible but the runway looked flyable if someone mowed it. Corn planted everywhere accept the runway The hangar was still there and in good shape.

Here's a pic of Bill McDougal. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=103163803060509&set=a.103134599730096.2107.100001006695352&type=3&theater Didnt know he was a pilot. Lots of old Frontier Pics on my FB page there.

Take care Tom

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