AFF in Las Vegas in November?

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Hi All,

I'm Andy and I have done a few jumps here in New Zealand and I wanted to do my AFF in New Zealand....

2x static line and 1x AFF and 1x tandem.

However my AFF instructor (Bless him!) has gone to northern hemisphere for Summer up top and wont be back until late this year and due to other conditions such as "A Job", Kids, Bills and other stresses of being an older person I dont have the ability to just drop everything and go somewhere else for my AFF in NZ at this moment in time. I would LOVE too, but I simply cant. Being 40+ just sucks some times.

So in the meantime my Lovely Girl Friend and I are off to Las Vegas for 2 weeks holiday from 29th of October till 10th of November and I thought that this would be a great time to do my AFF and get my USPA A license in the US and then come home and do a few coach jumps and get my license for NZPIA back home.

Can anyone advise if this is possible or are all American instructors heading south around this time?

Or put me in touch with a AFF instructor in Vegas that can assist or should I post back at this forum a little closer to the time?

Thanks for the time and advice...


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Check out Mesquiete, that'll probably be your best bet for close to Vegas Skydiving. I tried jumping in Vegas while visiting my brother in the area and I was given BS Excuses why I couldn't jump my own equipment at a DZ that advertised its self as fun jumper friendly.

Don't waste your time with the Vegas Tandem factories.

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Agrees with matty50; Skydive LasVegas is actually in Boulder Nevada and it's function is tandem only.

I wasnt aware that Mesquite had a DZ but after quick research, and actually living in Las Vegas for 8 years (years ago), I would also recommend Mesquite over Jean, another fine DZ. Especially over Boulder, NV. Mesquite is a fully developed city and Jean is still a fledgling town.

Finally, in that part of the US, I would recommend you check out Perris and/ or Elsinore California for their planes, prices and people. Both are awesome sites and jump all week long. I dont know that of Mesquite or Jean for certain.

Hope it helps. -hubs-
Anyone can swim, only a few swim well.
Anyone can skydive, everyone can skydive well. Practice!

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