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Ello, I completed my AFF in the States about 6 years ago and have around 20 jumps in total.
I didn't really have the urge to carry on jumping in the UK when I got home so put it down as something ticked off my bucket list. I have since lost my logbook and have pretty much forgotten a lot of what I was taught in the classroom although do remember the practical side.

I am been thinking more and more about jumping again and was wondering what I would have to do in the UK to get back into it with regards to training and replacing my old logbook.

Not that any right minded instructor or DZ would let me jump solo straight away anyway but would I have to go through the whole AFF again as its been a long time?
As you know, the US AFF doesn't require The hop n pop or the 10 consolidation jumps before you are allowed to go solo although I did do the 10+ jumps but not the hop n pop.

I don't particularly want to have to pay for the full AFF course again although I would welcome some kind of refresher course and perhaps a 1 on 1 jump with an AFF instructor to gauge my ability and also boost my confidence as not a jump went by without me shaking at the exit door and nothing is going to be different now.

I believe my nearest DZ is in Bicester being in north London but I don't think Headcorn is a million miles away. If any of you are instructors and could please give me a bit of guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I don't know anyone in the sport anymore so some new friendly faces wouldn't go a miss!

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Earlier I believe you listed an A license in your profile but I see now it's student?

You're not exactly sure how many jump you have...around 20 is your best guess. You lost any record of the jumps you may have made in the distant past...

I'd submit that if you're unsure of, unable to document those things then chances are you don't recall what training you did receive ~ and should probably resign yourself to having to go through a proper training regime...

The thing is ~ It would be easy for anyone to study up a bit and walk onto a DZ with a similar story in hope of saving a few buck$...not saying that's what you're doing just that it does happen.

Most drop-zones would be rather cautious of someone claiming training & experience without any documentation.

But as Skymama says, check with a local DZO & instructor...who knows! ;):ph34r:

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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Yeah, I had A license up there for some reason but I'm not sure why. I'm just a novice with a few jumps under his belt. I know that the maximum jumps I had was about 20 but I really can't remember the exact number.

I could possibly speak to the DZ's in the states to see if they have any record on the manifest. It was skydive space centre with an English instructor (I forget his name) where I did my AFF and I did a few more solo jumps in Deland.

Obviously I can imagine that people could just state that they had the training and hope to miss the AFF course but that is stupid on numerous levels and I assure you that is not my case.
No, I wouldn't like to have to pay for the whole course again but if it's deemed necessary then I would on safety grounds for me and for other jumpers.

I will go to my local DZ and ask an AFFI there and see what they say but I'm open to anything they recommend as they are the experts not me.

The more I think about it, the more I think it would be a good idea to go through the whole thing again as there isn't a substitute for good training and there is a load of things that I've forgotten.

Thanks for your advice and thanks for the welcome.

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I believe my nearest DZ is in Bicester being in north London but I don't think Headcorn is a million miles away.

By 'Bicester' I guess you mean Weston-on-the-Green. Sadly that's been closed for the last season or two, as the RAF owns the land and hasn't renewed the lease for civilian jumping. Weston is much missed and I hope it'll reopen at some point, but don't hold your breath!

Meanwhile Headcorn probably is within reach, or alternatively there's Hinton. For a small island, we're actually fairly well served with places to jump.:)

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6 years is a long time with no jumps, but I'm sure if you speak to a CI he will be able to get a feel for what you need to do. I would recommend give someone like Scotty Milne a ring, he is probably the best instructor around, just ask anyone in the EU. His website is http://activeskydiving.co.uk/. Best of all he does regular trips to Spain where the weather is great. fly ryaniar to Girona for £80 return and spend a few days jumping with him. tell him Richard Ward suggested him and maybe he'll do you a deal. :)

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