I'mmmmm Back!

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Firstly a big welcome to the new year and I hope the headache of the past night is fading.

Im currently organizing myself to get back into jumping after a 6 year gap due to getting married (To a non-skydiver), nothing wrong with that, but I slowly got talked out of doing what I love to follow a more mainstream lifestyle (Mortgage, 2.5 Fur-kids and a partridge in a pear tree).

Now that I'm single, I've been going through taking stock of what was important in my life. I sat down and was talking to the singer in a band I was in and we were talking about what gives us joy. I got to talking about when I was jumping and she said, "In the time I've known you, I have never seen you with so much passion in your eyes. You should go back to jumping."

It was like a cloud disappearing and the sun coming out. It was so obvious.

Now, I've been reading about a dropzone in NZ that has a diploma in commercial skydiving. If I did this course it would get me close to where I was before I left.

Has anyone had any experience with this (http://www.skydivingnz.com/skydiving-for-a-career/diploma-in-commercial-skydiving/) ??

Great to be back, feels like coming home and I can't wait to get back into the sky.

BS everyone.

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