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I'm Greg. I started skydiving in the UK in 1981 (yes, Nineteen Eighty One!), but gave up after 179 jumps in 1986.
After Skydive Dubai got going last year, I decided that at 51 years old, it was now or never, so last November I started again.
Naturally, I'm hooked once more! I'm up to 250+ now . . .
That was the introduction. Now the request.
Several of those who taught me and with whom I jumped back in the 1980s have either died or suffered injuries through skydiving accidents over the years. A couple of weeks ago I came across a Facebook page called "Skydivers Unite", which is designed to mobilize the global skydiving community when a skydiver is in desperate need. I liked the idea, and signed up for it.
This last weekend there was a tragic accident at Skydive Hawaii. I checked to see what Skydivers Unite was doing about it and realized that with a few hundred followers, it had not yet reached enough people to make a difference.
So I ask any skydivers who may see this to take the time to go to Skydivers Unite on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/skydiversunite) and see for yourselves.

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