Heya, new addict here :)

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I just went trought my posts and realized that I din't introduce myself properly.... i usually go to forums/facebook when Im not so sober.

So about me:

I'm 30 y.o. Anvil brother (6'3 250lbs) i haven't jumped for 16 years.
My first jump was back in 1995 when I was 13 @ Air club owned by Belarussian air force (Yak-53 and Mi2 training facility for the jet fighters and Mil heli pilots). there was also parachutists training facility there. Jump ship is An-2. Back then they din't have a fancy AFF. We had to jump D-5 rounds with drought chutes for 3 times and then progress to D1-5U and UT-15 (Soviet Paracomander). I was jumping on the weekends and my mom thought I'm hanging out with a girls:ph34r:. After she found out that I'm jumping - she grounded my ass and send me to college. I had to stop jumping in order not to be dropped from a college and actually start studding, otherwise i would get drafted, and because my airclub is a military owned facility I could easily ended up in VDV (Airborne) and that is wasn't my plan. In 2005 I moved in US and I start to thinking about jumping again, bu was too busy working 2 jobs to make my living. In 2011 I've got an roommate who was actually a skydiver (he will be jumping Dubai 500) and he was able to steer me into the right direction. So i went trough AFF and here we go I'm a cool guy now jumping ram air from a turbine B|

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