What Up From San Diego (sort of..)!!

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Hi All,

Just did AFF 3,4,5,6, and 7 in one day a couple weeks ago (so exhausting) at Skydive San Diego. Anyways, my level 7 was on the sunset load so I haven't gotten my first solo in, but I am hoping to get my first few solos in this weekend.

I live in Los Angeles, but SDSD seemed like the best place to learn. Also, I have friends that live in San Diego so I can always just crash at their place, wake up, and skydive! Anyways, can't wait to start meeting people, having some beers after last load, and working on my "A".

Just wanted to introduce myself and talk to some people who jump down there (or anywhere in socal). Also curious what you guys think is the best order to complete the rest of my A license jumps in (solos, coached, hop n pop, etc).



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welcome to skydiving!

i am not telling you what you should do, just what i did.:)
i did a few solos, and that got me a lot more confident in the sky. after those i did a coach jump.

the package i bought to get my license included 4 or 5 coach jumps, so i dispersed these throughout the 25 jumps.

i would make a coach jump, then do a few solos and work on things.

rinse and repeat;)
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Welcome to the forums! :) I don't have an opinion on the order to complete your card though, I didn't have to do that when I started. They kicked us out of the nest on level 8 and we were on our own after that. Talk to your instructors and the coaches you'll be using at your dz and see what they say.
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