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Hiya everyone, I have been stalking the dz site for a while =P so figured id say hi and give out a bit of info too =)

Name is Chris and I am turning 19 in 2 weeks, and i completed my goal of getting my A before that b day just this last weekend =)

Now the fun part of buying gear haha. Got a helmet and altimeter on the way and more stuff to come later =)

Goal is to be around in the sport for a longgggg time =)
-See ya in the sky!

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Hello Chris!! :P

Welcome to dz.com the place that will demand all your free time. A place you will sneak to when you are supposed to be working. A place you will lose all sense of reality and commons sense. A place no matter how hard you try to avoid you find yourself here. A place where you will learn things you have never thought existed or terms/phrase that will make your chin hit the floor. A place were we have a guy older than, well he is just old. A place where post numbers matter. A place where, well you get the point...;)

Congrats and getting your A.:)
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I love vodka.I love vodka cause it rhymes with Tuaca~LisaH
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