RW full-face helmet for contact lens wearer

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I love my Havoc. I fly in all orientations with it and have no problems with my contacts.

I used to jump the Z1. I tried all sorts of glue/adhesives to keep the liner in place but was often annoyed at it coming loose. If you get a Z1, keep an eye on it (I hope they have come up with a solution for this issue). The Z1 visor flew open a few times and the lens got fubared on a horny-gorilla when the visor opened. I was extra careful to latch it securely on that particular jump. I promptly switched to the Havoc.

The extra benefit, for me, is talking to my student. Standing in the door or leaning out to spot, I can still communicate effectively and zip it shut right before exit. The closure system is very secure, even if I don't push it 100% of the way down. The benefit of an open-faced helmet in-the-door and full-faced in freefall.

Visibility is excellent with the Havoc. I can see my handles and the shape of the back allows me to look up at my canopy. After a few tries you can learn to open the visor one-handed.

Don't forget, also... The Havoc just looks "different." A few cool kids I know even have them in red.

- Cajones

The laws of physics are strictly enforced.

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that's not to say that a Z1 is perfect; just what I've noticed lately.

I have seen way more Z1's flip open...Were these guys freeflying or doing RW? I have no idea which is better for Freeflyers.

The Z1 seems to flip open more after "incidental" contact doing RW...The button is right in the front and gets pushed down releasing the visor..

Like I said if these guys are freeflying I have no idea.

Most freefliers I know wear an factory diver and goggles or some "half" helmet with a bunch of cameras on them;)

Almost ANY helmet will be good for the average jumper. Most jumpers don't need a 400.00 carbon fibre jet pilot helmet with the gold trim....They don't protect THAT much more.

A flip up visor is a good saftey feature in my opinion, but I never flip it up unless I have to, and that saves wear on the helemt and prevents it from opening on accident.

That is very interesting about the Z1. In the over 650 jumps I have on mine, I have yet for it ever to come open in freefall. Maybe I got one that was made better or maybe you have seen some of the not so good made ones. Anyway, I have never had an issue with my Z1 and I am still on the original visor, I bet not too many of the Oxygens could make it that may jumps on one visor provided you flipped it open after openning as I do with my Z1

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