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Hello everyone!
I'm new to the dropzone.com forum's, so I think it's an good idea to introduce myself:
My name is Peter Gruijters and I live in Eindhoven (The Netherlands, that also maybe explains why my english typing skills can be a little bad(A)).
I'm 18 years old and my first experience with skydiving was in 2008. My parents gave my an tandem jump because I just graduated from high school. From the moment I landed, I just knew it: I want to do this too! And so I dit, last summer I took the AFF course at Skydive Empuriabrava, and did 10 consolidation jumps afterward. After coming home from my holiday, I went to the nearest DZ and became a member of it. I only made 1 jump there, but that's just because of all the bad weather we have here in The Netherlands.

If you want to know more, just ask =D

Anyway, I hope to have a really good time here :)

For the people who are interested,the videos of my AFF:
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Good job! Looks like you progressed well.

Hey Don the camera guy wasn't as close as he looked:P At least he got the touches on video for debrief purposes;). Unlike a lot of camera guys do for AFF and stay in front.
Nothing opens like a Deere!

You ignorant fool! Checks are for workers!

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Both of the things you say are fully true ;)
I really hope that this saturday or next sunday the weather will be better, because else I'm forced to take a refreshment course because I didn't jump for 3 months :(

@ The Don: I know that he was really close to me, but I also know that he knows the risks of it, because he is one of the best cameraguys walking around right there!

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Way to go Peter! Welcome to skydiving.

I am still jumping 42 years after my first jump and the thrill never wears off.

Stay with it Bro. It is a fantastic hobby.

Blue skies.

2018 marks half a century as a skydiver. Trained by the late Perry Stevens D-51 in 1968.

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