Guess I should introduce myself...finally!

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Hello all!! I have been stalking the forums for about 2 years now and love all your posts, especially bonfire and the woman's forum. However, now that I am obsessed with wanting to post myself I decided to reregister with my nickname ID instead. I have been in the sport for almost two years, but I have spent much time at a small DZ that had a lot of ground time and not much flying plus I am married to a non jumper, so the quantity of jumps has been limited.
However, since I have spent soo much time on the ground I have made some really good friends and we have decided we are going to start roaming to more active DZ's starting as soon as my rig comes in (another 4 weeks). The goal is that we want to double our jumps before safety day.
My nickname..well I got that on my 4th jump...for some odd reason I like to jump with my mouth wide open..who knows?!
Anywho, my "New Year's" resolution for 2010 is to get many fun filled jumps and meet as many of you awesome people as possible. So here's looking forward to the new year and many blue skies!

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