Hello everyone!

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Welcome to the forums ......

Hobby/career ? ..... Tiny steps mate ... do the training and see if you like it...... and being poor..... it sucks money out of your bank account!!

Good luck and have fun

Chivalry is not dead; it only sleeps for want of work to do. - Jerome K Jerome

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Welcome to the forums!

After I did my tandem, all I could think of was going back up there. Due to working in weekends it took 3 months before I was in groundschool, but since my first solo jump it has been very addicting.

It's not just another hobby anymore for me, it's a bit more. Can't explain it very good I'm afraid.

All I can say is that when I'm not jumping, I'm thinking about jumping, or watching video's, prepare for my next teamtraining etcetc.....

So be prepared B|B|

edited to add: never had regrets !!

Don't try to live forever, you will not succeed!

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so i heard that skydiving is going to cost a lot ..but i'm slowly saving up now! i think i'll do it next year.

i found more info about the course and it looks good! will update u all if i start diving next year!

and thanks again for the advice! everyone around here is so friendly and helpful!!! thank you thank you thank you. i'm very grateful! =)

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