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Hi all! I just joined the Dropzone. I did my first tandem in Sept 05, have done my other 2 tandems this month. I am hooked on skydiving. Problem is, my husband doesn't want me to progress past the tandem jumps and do the training to get my license to jump solo. Not sure what to do after I get tandem 5 out of the way (since the next thing would be ground school and then my first solo flight-with instructor flying by my side). Any help out there on how I can convince him that it is really not that dangerous? His argument is that we have 2 small boys and he thinks I am taking too much of a risk. I love my boys, don't get me wrong...but, I love skydiving, and feel that you must live life to the fullest. I could get in my car today to go shopping and this could be "my time." I figure I might as well have fun while I'm here. I am supposed to do my tandem level 4 in about a month, and I can't wait! I'm so glad I had the nerve to give this a try!!


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Welcome to the forums! :)
First, skydiving IS dangerous. Just check out the Incidents Forum and find out how horrible this last weekend was for all of our friends. Many of us are having a hard time with this. We love skydiving too and also believe that we should live life to it's fullest but each person has to decide if the risks are worth it. Some days it is easier to decide that than others.

There have been a lot of threads about people trying to make the same decisions as you are regarding being a mother and justifying jumping. Do a search and hopefully some of those threads will help you.
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