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Don't worry, you have everything on your card except for what, 2 things? It's just the jump numbers holding ya back. You were rock solid in the tunnel last weekend so I'm not at all concerned with you getting your A in time. If SGC will let me, I'll coach you if you don't get your jumps in and you can get your A up there. Then you can buy us beer, err, bring us the free beer.

My only concern is getting your current enough on the transition rig and making sure it's ok for you to take, if all else fails, it'd be safer for you to take a student rig, you're familiar with it and don't want to mix too many new variables all at once if the weather doesn't work with us before then.

Take it slow, you'll get to jump, and come with us anyway to the party. Adrock, phreezone, alanab and many more will be there to party it up, and we need someone to keep J and I company in the car for 11 hours hahaha
<--- See look, pink dolphins DO exist!

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