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Greetings to all,

I am no longer working for Strong Enterprises so I will no longer be posting under the dualhawk ID.

It was a great three years working for Ted and I wish him and everyone at the factory continued success in the future.

I am still happy to answer any technical questions I can, albiet under the caveat that it's "Tom's opinion" rather than "From the manufacturer". I will also continue to train tandem instructors on the Dual Hawk as a Strong Tandem Examiner.
Tom Noonan


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Jungstie please add your contact information in your DZ.com profile so people can contact you. Click on some of the links on the first post of this thread to see how this thread is set up. Thanks.

PS, I've already added you but your profile is blank.
"It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required"
Some people dream about flying, I live my dream

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Does anyone have the current contact information for hiper USA? The # on the website says it's disconnected when you call. Does anyone know anything about this. Did the company just up and quit when Beezy passed? I have a 2012 nitro, so I'm assuming they've manufactured since 2007... Or have they? I really wanted to know what material they're currently using, (if it's still galvenor or if it's he standard zp)
My wife wants to demo one!
I was that kid jumping out if his tree house with a bed sheet. My dad wouldn't let me use the ladder to try the roof...

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Hi everyone. Firebird TSOs have been transferred to the US LLC since this month and we have a facility in Eloy since January.
Contacts would be Jarrett Martin for the production side or me (George) for the Administrative side
Email [email protected]
we have individual emails but we want to centralize the point of contact
R&D Firebird USA
Skyventure Arizona Instructor
Eloy, AZ

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Respected Sir / Ma’am,

Sorry for disturbing you. We are a skydiving goods manufacturer company from Sialkot - Pakistan. Here are our best Prices

FF, Rel, Tunnel Suit 80$ Each MOQ: 10 Suit
Fleece 380GSM Hoodies 12$ Each MOQ: 50 Hoodies
Skydiving Gloves 9 $ Each MOQ: 50 Gloves
Skydiving Pants 50$ Each MOQ: 10 Pants

Please reply the email to receive our e-catalogue. As we don’t have much lust so we like to have small profits while keeping the quality up to level.
December’s Offer: Buy Suits and Get Free Hoodies

Thanks for your time
Mr. Anosh

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