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Please feel free to change the manufacturing contact for Sunrise Manufacturing "Wings" to myself, Scarlett Schneppat. Thank you and blue skies and soft landings to all!!! Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions!

till later have fun & love each other seeya mb65johnny gates....
In skydiving, the only thing that stops you is the ground..............
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Hi dudes,

It's time for a change after 12,5 years working for Airtec. I will leave the company in a few weeks and focus on another activity. Something completely different, not skydiving related. A lot happened in the last 12 years, too much to list. It was fun to work at Airtec. I met a lot of people in a lot of countries, many of you became friends. I wish you all the best. I'm sure we will meet somewhere in the future or stay in touch. The world is small.

Your contact at Airtec for future technical and rigging questions is Juergen Sennert, some of you might know him already. Email adress: [email protected]

His dz.com nick is airtecjuergen


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You are looking for a manual for a 18-20 year old main that was never in major production. No one really services the canopy any longer, as bad as it sounds you might just be out of luck on this one. Some one that is into collecting skydiving history might have it but other then that the sources for the manual are pretty far inbetween.
Yesterday is history
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