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Dear hurricane,

I've repaired my share of french material.
I've noticed that there is a line shrinkage possible of approximately 10 to 15 cm. (depending on initial line length, age etc.).
So there is you difference.
About installing them, I would say measure the (old) line lengths individually and project those lengths on the new lines.
What I mean is, the shortest line on the old lines would most likely to be the shortest line in the new set.

Hope this is useful for you.

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Aerodyne email addresses change

Edward “ Bushman” Anderson President & CEO : bushman@flyaerodyne.com
Arnold Collenteur European Sales Director : arnold@flyaerodyne.com
Cindy Unvericht Financial Director: cindy@flyaerodyne.com
Dominic Hayhurst Technical Director: dominic@flyaerodyne.com
Karl Meyer Sales Representative: karl@flyaerodyne.com
Sandy Kimball Sales Coordinator: sandy@flyaerodyne.com
Thiago MuradasTechnical Coordinator: thiago@flyaerodyne.com
Mark Carr Shipping & Receiving: mark@flyaerodyne.com
Sales: sales@flyaerodyne.com
Website contact: info@flyaerodyne.com

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