New Tunnel or Indoor Skydiving Section Needs Your Reviews!

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Heya all,

By now I bet most of you have see the new wind tunnel database listed in the main menu? We're hoping to create a detailed and comprehensive list of indoor skydiving locations around the world and we need your help.

3 Things you can do to help:
  1. Add a tunnel. If we've missed one, click on the Add a Wind Tunnel link and submit it. We're looking for operational tunnels only at this time, not tunnels that are under construction.

  2. Send us corrections. If we got something wrong, hit us up at the normal support email address and let us know. We'll look into it and fix it.

  3. Write a review, good or bad. Help your fellow tunnel rats and support your local tunnel by submitting a honest and balanced review about your experience at any location. Your reviews are what makes a database like this really useful to new visitors.

Thanks in advance for the help. Hope this is a useful addition and here's the link again:

PS - Oh yes, one more thing you can do for bonus Brownie points: Share the love! Be nice and hit some of the social share buttons on that page to tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter about this new resource. B|
Safe swoops

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