Server Upgrade - It's a cluster!

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Heya all,

Thanks for your patience during the upgrade. About a year ago I added a second dedicated server to help carry the load on Dropzone.com. As you've noticed over the past few weeks we've outgrown those two servers. The time had come to move Dropzone.com to the next level.

I'm proud to let you know that we're now running on a cluster of 5 servers! Although you may not see much of a difference up front, the immediate impact on performance should be obvious. We are continueing to tweak the performance and work on a few outstanding issues. In the medium term this will give me the scalability needed to do some cool new things and to continue growing the site.

A huge "Thank you" to all Premier Members. Although we'll all benefit, without you this would not have been possible. Thank you!

As with any upgrade we may see a few glitches and hic-ups over the next few days. If you do, drop me a post in the Errors and Bug Reports forum.

For the geeks who are slightly curious as to what we have under the hood, I've attached a rough diagram of the cluster. I not going to publish all the specs but I will say that everything runs in pure 64 bit mode and at a high level the five machines are:
  • 2 Application Servers: Dual Opteron Processors/2GB RAM (per machine)

  • File Server: Dual Opteron/2 GB RAM

  • Mail Server: Dual MP 2400/1 GB RAM

  • Database Server: Dual Opteron/2 GB RAM
Hope this helps. Enjoy! :)
Safe swoops

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