New Premier Feature: Customize your Classified Ads!

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Heya all,

Premier Members can choose what information they see when they browser the classified. You can change your default settings, which will apply to all categories without specific settings, and the categories below can then be individually customized:
  • Complete Systems

  • Containers

  • Main Canopies

  • Reserve Canopies

  • AADs
Customizing a category simply means you choose which fields you would like to see when browsing the classifieds. For example:
  • In the Main Canopies category you may choose to see the name of the manufacturer of the canopy, the type of canopy, the size, number of jumps, the price, who listed it and when the ad was posted.

  • In Complete Systems you may choose to see the type of container, main, reserve and AAD as well as the name of the person who placed the ad.

  • If you don't like the default Subject lines that comes with the ads and would prefer to see clean data only, you can switch those off. The choice is yours!
I've made a few other changes to the Classifieds as well. For example, each ad will now be displayed in a row with an alternating colors to make it easier differentiate between them. I will continue to add cool new features to the Premier package. You can see a full list of current Premier Features here. Thanks for your support! :)
Safe swoops

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