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A few comments on signature lines:

Please understand that signature lines and avatars are subject to the same rules as the rest of the forum. There are too many people who are abusing this space to sneak in "unmoderted" content. It's being used a lot for advertising and has even been used to make thinly veiled personal attacks.

Please revisit your signature line and make sure it's in compliance with the Forum Rules. If you're not certain whether your signature breaks a rule, then chances are that it does! Use common sense. Links to personal web sites are welcome, even if you sell something on your site. The link should be to your site though and not worded as an ad:

"Dropzone Productions" is OK. "Buy my jump suit!" is not OK.

This link has to be to your own site though. If you're a rep for a clothing company for example, then a link to their site is not acceptable on your posts. If you post here in your capacity as the owner of Skydive Wild Monkey, then:

"Skydive Wild Monkey" is OK. "Coaching jumps only $20 at Wild Monkey this summer!" is not OK.

This goes for political content as well (It goes for any other forum rule for that matter!) If you choose to have a political statement in your signature or avatar, then confine all your posts to the Speaker's Corner or change your signature. Simple as that.

Err on the side of being safe. Do not attempt to use this space for "toe just over the line" behavior. I'm adding an over-ride function to signature lines. Users who continue to abuse this space will be warned (you'll get a PM from a moderator), and if they continue to offend their ability to post a signature at all will be removed.

I've also added a feature to the Display Settings in your Profile that now gives everyone the option to turn off signature lines just like you can select not to see avatars. If they annoy you, you don't have to see them anymore.

Apologies for the inconvenience but I need to get some guidelines out about this. By far the majority of people will not be affected by this at all. Just closing the loophole.

Keep it clean! :)
Safe swoops

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