BASE WIKI temporarily restored

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In response to some requests, I have temporarily restored the wiki.

You can access it here.

It will only stay up for the next two weeks, so if you wish to copy any material from it please do so now. Most material is in the public domain, unless otherwise specified. Please respect its value.

Several people have asked me why I closed it down. You'll be disappointed to hear there is nothing magic or gossip about it. It just hasn't grown into the collaborative platform that I envisioned two years ago. Combined with a declining interest in jumping, maintaining the wiki is no longer worth it to me.

If anybody is interested in taking over the domain, the content, the CMS, or a combination thereof, please contact me.

I like to thank the contributors: Jason Cooper, Michael Cooper, Brittany Sanchez, Tim Mattson, Tom Aiello, Chad Peabody, Nick Rugai, Tom Begic, Rick Harrison, Seth Gray, Nick Di Giovanni, Michael McHale, Shawn Wilson, Bryan Rapoza, Jaap Suter, Hajo Schirber and all those that wrote great stories.

I simultaneously apologize to these same people for taking away the platform that they've invested energy into.

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