ITW weather station

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The weather station has been finally installed at ITW and is now fully operative :)The pole on which the sensor has been installed is about 10 m - 33 ft from main road SS45BIS and about 5 m - 16 ft from house's fence, out of air space of BASE jumpers B| (who wants to understand, can understand B| B| B| )
The control panel where all the weather data (wind spee, wind direction, pressure, humidity, weather forecast, etc) can be read is located inside the Bar Parete Zebrata, and is available to be read by anyone within the opening time of same Bar.
It is a very useful instrument that provides very important data for BASE jumpers safety.
Please, have extreme care of it.
We (IBA (Italian BASE Association)) thank everybody who has contributed to realize this project partecipating to the money collection "proposed" by myself (aka #689 :)·
I.B.A. - Italian BASE Association
Stay safe out there
Blue Skies and Soft Walls
BASE #689 - base_689AT_NO_123_SPAMyahoo.com

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