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sounds like lover's is out...
but really has anyone ski based in utah, colorado, wayoming etc.?

how do things look at hellgate?
jt's castle?
tlyer's knob?
Jaime pierres cliff?
anything? anywhere?


yes, in colorado, i know of kids skijumping in utah, wAyoming im not sure of.

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an APOOOPAA event can be anywhere. what we are looking for in a jump is:

nice take off: important
hillside for plenty speed that is easy to ride.
a wall with some good clean open air to launch into with SOFT impact: important
corners/aretts are good

it would be nice if wall was low enough that a 180 after an average speed jump if never corrected would result in snow impact or at least wall impact that you hit snow within the first 80 feet of your wall scrape/strike/slam

please explore your local backcountry with camera to propose options

I will forward options to the banned Clifhuckstable; he and his mother were the backbone of last years very rigidly organized event.

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