Packing errors!?

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Don't forget tension knots. Make sure you untwist your brake lines on a regular basis.

Also, what the hell did you do to your canopy that caused it to split in half?

Don't do that either. :P
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Regarding original poster's question about malfunctions: I was taught when pro packing that after you get the bundle on the ground, you fold the sides underneath to get it to the width of the bag. This however, obviously is putting more material / lines in front of the nose. Does anyone fold over the top once it's on the ground instead of underneath?

edit: just read about the Wolmari pack.. that seems to be pretty much what I was thinking. Anyone have success / problems reported with this variation?

I still don't know what the right answer is about double wrapping locking stows.. when mine are really loose I might double wrap, but I've been trying to avoid it. If you find the right size rubber band you don't have to.

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