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The Waterfall is still CLOSED!
The following Quote is from the Police:



Because of work being done at the foot of the Staubbach Waterfall and to the gallery
and new tunnel, the area cordoned off with red and white police tape is closed
to the public until further notice. This includes access to the B.A.S.E. exit points.
Trespassers will be fined with Fr. 100.--.
We thank you for your understanding.
The local police of Lauterbrunnen

This is not good news... However we have have an even more serious issue regarding the waterfall spots that was expressed to us by the local community of Lauterbrunnen in an e-mail we received from them.


Wir danken Ihnen, dass sie respektieren, dass die Spots in der Nähe des Staubbachfalls in Zukunft nicht mehr benützt werden können. Der Staubbachfall und seine Umgebung sind das Wahrzeichen von Lauterbrunnen. Deshalb legt die Bevölkerung grossen Wert darauf, diese Örtlichkeit von tragischen Ereignissen im Zusammenhang mit B.A.S.E.-Jumps freizuhalten.

Here is the translation:

We thank for respecting the fact that the exit points close to the Staubbach-Waterfall can not be used in the future anymore.
The Staubbach-Waterfall and its surroundings is/are the Landmark of Lauterbrunnen. Therefore it is crucial for the residents of Lauterbrunnen to keep this place free from tragic events in connection with B.A.S.E.-Jumps.

Please respect this ban!
Compared to fines in the US, 100.- Swiss Francs is nothing. (~80$)
But the risk is much higher than just a little fine! If you jump the waterfall,
you are endangering the whole valley and its future access to it for the Base community.

Please be patient, we are working on this issue.
We are currently dealing with the authorities and maybe we will be given permission to jump the waterfall again in a year. Or maybe never.
Maybe with some kind of regulations...

But notheless, at the moment, the waterfall is CLOSED and remains closed until you read something different on www.subterminal.ch

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