Got a cold? Thinking of doing a skydive anyway?

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Unfortunately many staff memebers (more so at small DZ's) are relied on to show up and do their job. Imagine a small Cessna DZ with just a couple tandem instructors and a fully booked weekend. They suck it up, and pull their weight if it is something minor. Happens all the time all over the country. Doesn't mean it is worth the risk, but it happens.
I am an asshole, but I am honest

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We have a viral inner ear infection deal causing VERTIGO. It's taken me a month+ to clear up from it and I plan to wait another 2 weeks til I jump.
5 people from wife's work are out for 5 weeks with it and my wife still has trbl 6wks now on Anavert.
Jumps will be there when we are safe. :)
If I could be a Super Hero,
I chose to be: "GRANT-A-CLAUS". and work 365 days a Year.

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