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"If I only had a dollar for every person that told me BASE jumpers are crazy, I would be rich” reports Jason Bell, Bridge Day 2004 BASE Jumping Co-Organizer.

Over 450 BASE jumpers and up to 250,000 spectators are expected to attend this years Bridge Day on Saturday, October 16, 2004. The New River Gorge Bridge is the world's second longest single arch bridge, providing the launch point for six hours (9am-3pm EST) of legal, safe BASE jumps. Jumpers from all over the world will be lined up to take their turn leaping from the 876’ tall New River Gorge Bridge. Most will fall from the bridge for 3-4 seconds before deploying their parachute. Then they’ll spend the next 20-30 seconds floating down to the designated landing zone located at the waters edge.

Bridge Day is the largest extreme sports event in the world held on the third Saturday in October every year in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Bridge Day is unique in that it is the only day visitors may walk across the bridge, BASE jumpers can parachute from the railing and rappellers are allowed to descend and ascend fixed ropes. Vendors line both ends of the bridge selling stained glass, crafts, shirts, photos, and refreshments. Bridge Day is West Virginia's largest one-day festival and is rated one of the top 100 festivals in North America.

BASE is an acronym for the four types of fixed objects that are utilized for these foot-launched skydives: (B)uilding, (A)ntenna, (S)pan, and (E)arth. Jumpers first skydive hundreds of times from aircraft before attempting to BASE jump, which is undoubtedly the world's most extreme sport. Unlike skydiving, BASE jumpers often use only one parachute, as the lower exit altitudes of 200’-1200’ do not normally permit deployment of a reserve parachute. After leaping from each of the four different types of fixed objects, jumpers can apply for a BASE number. BASE numbers have been awarded for over 20 years to more than 900 people worldwide.

BASE jumpers have jumped from the New River Gorge Bridge every year since the first Bridge Day on November 8, 1980 (the only exception being the cancellation of Bridge Day 2001 shortly after 9/11). The first Bridge Day saw five skydivers making BASE jumps from the bridge in the early days of the sport of BASE jumping. Over the years, Bridge Day became the place for thousands of skydivers to make their first BASE jump. It is also the largest gathering of BASE jumpers each year, complete with first jump seminars, packing classes, a BASE gear trade show, and a film festival.

If you were to interview the average BASE jumper at Bridge Day 2004, you would probably find that person to be around 36 years of age and college-educated. This person has more than likely performed well over 1200 skydives and more than 65 BASE jumps from various objects. For every 88 males that take the plunge at Bridge Day, you’ll find 12 females along side them ready to enjoy the ride as well. Last year, over 400 jumpers made 836 jumps with only a few minor injuries. “I’m happy that we broke the 800 jump barrier last year and I’m looking forward to one day breaking the 1000 jump mark with no injuries in six hours of jumping”, says co-organizer Bill Bird.

Making a return this year will be the popular 16’ commercial aluminum diving board, first introduced last year. “Last year, I finally got the chance to make a BASE jump by springing myself over the edge like an Olympic diver. I was pretty nervous, much more than a normal BASE jump, but it is a jump I’ll always remember” says Jason. BASE jumping aerialists from countries as far away as Australia and Russia will again travel to Fayetteville, WV to amaze the spectators with multiple flips and twists before they deploy their one and only parachute. The Vertical Visions team also plans to have a landing accuracy contest with cash prizes, a BASE jumping video festival, and some special jumps that should make for an exciting Bridge Day 2004 for both jumpers and spectators.

All BASE jumping activities at Bridge Day 2004 will be coordinated by Vertical Visions LLC, owned by West Virginia BASE jumper and skydiver Jason Bell (BASE #428, D-16725). Vertical Visions was awarded the Bridge Day 2004 BASE Jumping Coordinator position by the Bridge Day Commission in December 2003. Jason will be assisted by his wife Jennifer, Charleston native Bill Bird (D-6977), and over 50 staff members.

Jumper registration begins on July 1, 2004 at www.bridgeday.info, a website dedicated to Bridge Day BASE jumping. It is expected that all 450 slots will be sold within weeks due to the immense popularity of the New River Gorge Bridge with the BASE jumping community. “With only a handful of quality, legal objects for us to practice our sport, Bridge Day will probably be a popular place for new and old jumpers for many years to come”, reports Jason . “I just wish we could do it more than six hours a year”.

For questions regarding Bridge Day BASE jumping, please contact Jason Bell at jbell@bridgeday.info or visit www.bridgeday.info. For further information on Bridge Day 2004, please visit the official Bridge Day website located at www.officialbridgeday.com.

Vertical Visions LLC
Jason Bell - Owner
PO Box 934
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Phone: 304-203-8500
Email: jbell@bridgeday.info
Bridge Day Website: www.bridgeday.info

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Thanks Tom.
Historically, 300 slots are sold on the first day. Then it takes about 12 more days to sell the remaining slots. I'll keep you all informed!

PS. Hey 460, when I give my staff members a coupon code, the $70 staff passes end up being free. Staffers always get free slots since they've earned it. This is just my way to make sure only true staff members register for a staff slot.
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Server crashed.
Be patient.
Please don't refresh every 5 seconds.
Should be up and running in 15 mins or less.
Don't worry, I wasn't even able to get on the server to open it up for everyone, so nobody has registered yet.
Sorry for the delays. My new server is choking a bit;)
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