Experiences with Intrudair wingsuits?

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Anyone who has flown Intrudair's wingsuits in and can comment on them? Specifically Piranha 2/3 and Barracuda 2 / FreeStyle, but opinions on their lineup in general are appreciated. I'm especially interested in hearing from folks who have flown other brands too and can compare them to similar offerings in Squirrel's and PF's lineup, but given the paucity of information on the net, I'll take anything :)

Regarding Piranha 2/3: how does it compare to Swift or Phantom? Is it a small and easy suit like Phantom, or small-but-fast one like Swift 1? Is it a beginner-only suit, or something you find yourself going back to for acro, or flocking with non-huge suits, etc? How's the quality and convenience of the design? Does it backfly well?

Regarding Barracuda 2 (and Barracuda FreeStyle, which is the acro-specific variant of Barracuda 2): is it a good step up from small suits for someone wanting to do acro / smaller suit flocking? What suits does it compare to in Squirrel / PF's lines? How well does it backfly? Are the manufacturing quality and features compared to the big names good? Given that Barracuda 2 standard and FreeStyle have a fairly different wing profile, is it fair to call them variants of one suit, or are they just two similarly sized but different suits?

One comment I've heard about Intrudair's suits is that they're overbuilt, making them very hot in climates like Northern California, which is a concern for me. But that's just one person's passing familiarity with the brand, so I'd love to hear someone who actually used them for any significant length of time chip in.
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I've flown Phantom 2 and Piranha, but haven't flown Swift. I can say that it is pretty similar in handling, so if you know how to fly one it won't be a problem doing same things in another.
About "making them very hot" - suits made from similar fabric so It will be very unusual if one will be cooler or hotter than another.

About quality - they are perfectly sewed. Customer service is also good.

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